Prevent your Facebook Account from being hacked.

Enough of My Facebook Account has been hacked!

There are several ways/techniques which hackers use to breach people’s facebook accounts. However, we can prevent our accounts from the danger and damages of unauthorized users completely or at the minimal level just by following the right instructions at the right time. Do not wait until the control of your account is taken away from you by unauthorized users, thereby tampering with your identity.

Ways to tell if your account has been hacked are:
  1. Your name, birthday, email or password has been changed
  2. Someone sent out friend requests to people you don't know
  3. Messages have been sent from your account, but you didn't write them
  4. Posts are appearing on your timeline that you didn't post.
Note: Due to carelessness, some people (especially Ladies) do have issues related to this because they had at one time or the other logged in on someone else’s device or laptop forgetting to logout. For such ladies whom have tried such on either their ex-boyfriend’s phone or whoever, can be used against them later.
How to further confirm if you've been hacked
Maybe you’re worried whether your account has been hacked or not, then there’s a simple way to check. Go to the menu button/arrow in the upper right-hand corner of your facebook page and then click. In the menu, select ‘Settings’. A new menu will pop up. Choose ‘Security and Login’, and then Where You're Logged In.
A list of all of the devices that has been used to logged into the account, either by you or any other users and the locations will pop up. If there is a login you don't recognize, chances are that your account may have been hacked or being under threat. If you notice any strange device that you’re sure is not yours, then click ‘Not You?’ on the right side of the log.
Then click Secure Account. Facebook will then walk you through the steps of securing your account after running a diagnostic on your account. Click Get Started.

How to Secure your FACEBOOK ACCOUNT If you still have access to it
After you secure your account with username and password, you can still make it safer. Facebook is jam-packed with security features; all you need do is just to activate them. 
Open Facebook in your browser and go to Settings > Security and Login > Setting Up Extra Security.

From there:
  1. Turn on login alerts so that you receive notifications when your account is logged into. This helps you catch a hacker early, before any major damage is done.
  2. Enable two-factor authentication, then choose an extra layer of security from the list.
  3. Choose your trusted contacts and add a few close friends or family members that can help you unlock your account if it ever becomes hacked.
Note: Point 3 is very important because you might also forget your password and username. With that, you can retrieve your account successfully.
With these steps, your Facebook account is much more difficult for a hacker to access and easier to recover if it is ever compromised.
Further Caution
  1. Avoid visiting unnecessary and untrusted site, most times hackers don't look for you, we uses our hand to call for them. Not every link you see you must open, even if you have enough data.
  2. No every friend request you must accept. Accept only those you’re sure of their identities, especially account with unusual foreign names.
  3. Consider using a strong password: Alphanumeric passwords (abc@43) just for example. Don’t just use phone number, your name or date of birth. A lot of accounts have been hacked today simply because majority of them make use of their phone numbers.
  4. Make sure you logout on any other device e.g. Cyber cafe, if you have not log out and your minutes ends, you can the attention of the cafe attendant or better still get a extra five minutes so as to be able to logout. It might be dangerous leaving your account opens for the next user because you don't know who the person might be.
However, taking all the precautions stated above will definitely keep your facebook account safe and secured.

Thank you.


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